Maxed Out,” a film about the consumer debt crisis, might as well be ripped from the headlines, in light of last week’s stock market plunge (blamed in part on too many mortgages sold to high-risk home buyers).


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If you are looking for a kick-ass social network they are the best so far. Until ours is completed that is!

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Just a week ago I was fishing off of Palm Beach and had one take my line down, never to return. After an hour we had to break the line. It would be interesting to have seen just how big the fish was, since we had just spooled 30 pound test on the reel.
Goliath Grouper

Go here if you would like to see more fishing videos

Globalwarming Awareness2007

Lately I have been looking at every social network I can find.

I create lots of auto generated sites with many different topics. Some of the topics are VERY competitive. The financial sites being the most competitive. To get these sites ranked I look at every possible way to generate good quality inbound links.

The question I have for you is “when you create a white hat site what type of link are you targeting?”

Generally I am looking at the social networks to point to my new sites. But lately most of the big social networks are getting hit with lots of spam. MyWebLog is one that is really giving me good links but the comment spam is really starting to pick up.

Also Digg is a great place for me to acquire quality links, but there again the comments spam is picking up.

What social network would you refer your clients to now?

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My name is Mark Laymon and I am set to win the globalwarming awareness2007 SEO World Championship.

If you would like to help me win please add a link to my site in your blog. In fact you can add this entire post to your blog, just be sure to keep the links intact.

In other news I have added a few new fishing videos on filleting fish to Elements of Fishing.

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To rank for Globalwarming Awareness2007 in MSN it looks like you need to be a blogspot blog.
I have one blog now in MSN ranked #8 that is not a blogspot blog, but I dought it will stay long.

I would really like to see how our users navigate this Globalwarming Awareness2007 blog. As soon as we have a little more traffic I will post the results.

Don’t forget to visit our new Global Warming Videos page while you are there.

Time to look for more content to deconstruct this Globalwarming Awareness2007 blog.
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Globalwarming Awareness2007

a globalwarming awareness2007 is a new blog competing in the SEO world championship

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